CultureNet Denmark

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Adresse: Address: Secretariat of CultureNet Denmark Christians Brygge 3 DK- 1219 Copenhagen K. Denmark Telephone: +45 33 13 50 88 Fax: +45 33 14 11 56 E-mail:

The Gateway to Danish Culture CultureNet Denmark - a network CultureNet Denmark is a portal to Danish culture on the Internet. It features a Culture Guide to Danish cultural institutions, 'CultureNews' containing news articles and e-says, and a daily updated Calendar of activities and events. (In Danish only). Every year CultureNet Denmark allocates funds to selected cultural institutions to facilitate the implementation of digitalization and dissemination projects on the Internet. Additionally, CultureNet Denmark organizes one-day conferences and provides an extranet to Danish cultural institutions. CultureNet Denmark, preserving the past and pointing out the future.