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Sixth European Social Science History Conference
22 - 25 March 2006
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All rooms are equipped with an overhead projector
Rooms C, D, E, F, G and H (H only on Saturday): slide projector (framed slides, carrousel. There are extra carrousels available to set up your presentation in advance)
Rooms C, D, M, N, O, U and Committee Room 2: beamer to connect your laptop. You have to bring you own laptop. (If you want to use your Apple notebook, please contact us, as it may be incompatible.)
Rooms C, T and U: VCR

Wednesday 22 March
Thursday 23 March
Friday 24 March
Saturday 25 March

All days

 Wednesday 22 March 8:30 

S-1  -  ORA01: Three Generations Telling and Re-telling the Second World War in Europe
Room S

    Network: Oral History
Chair: Mary Chamberlain
Discussant: Ugur Ungor
Nicole Burgermeister Communicating memories of WWII in Switzerland
Isabella Matauschek, Hans Marks Victimisation in Dutch and Danish Narratives of the Second World War
Claudia Lenz Leaving the nation towards mankind? The transformation of the national master narrative on WWII in Norwegian families
Olaf Jensen, Sabine Moller Communicating memories of WWII in group-discussions across Europe

 Wednesday 22 March 10:45 

S-2  -  EDU01: Narratives of Education
Room S

    Network: Education and Childhood
Organiser: Ning de Coninck-Smith
Chair: Piet Verhesschen
Ning de Coninck-Smith Schooling for life? Narratives and educational systems, Denmark 1945-2005
Bethany Rogers Alternative Routes to Teaching: Voices from the National Teacher Corps (NTC)
Patricia Thane Life Narratives of British Women Graduates

 Wednesday 22 March 14:15 

S-3  -  CRI16: Justice and Statebuilding II
Room S

    Network: Criminal Justice
Network: Politics
Organiser: Sophie Bollen
Chair: Peter Romijn
Sophie Bollen The professional purge of female employees at the Belgian Regie voor Telegrafie en Telefonie (RTT) (Department of Telecommunications) after World War II: a gender analysis of epuration files
Matthijs Lok The politics of oblivion and the purges of Napoleonic officials in Restauration France and the Netherlands (1813-1830)
Machteld De Metsenaere Women and the repression of collaboration in Belgium after the Second World War

 Wednesday 22 March 16:30 

S-4  -  TEC01: Designing Modern Childhood: Toys and Food
Room S

    Network: Education and Childhood
Network: Culture
Network: Technology
Organiser: Ning de Coninck-Smith
Chair: Bengt Sandin
Maria Papathanassiou Poor children’s material cultures in the german-speaking world (1880-1940)
Aaron Alcorn Packaging Modernity: Model Airplanes, Model boys, and the Culture of Making in the United States
Rudolf Dekker Changes in the Appreciation of Toys and Play in Dutch Childhood Memoirs, 17th-20th Centuries.

 Thursday 23 March 8:30 

S-5  -  NAT05: Diasporas and Nations
Room S

    Network: Nations and Nationalism
Chair: Ton Zwaan
Discussant: John Breuilly
Kathy Burrell Performing and Consuming the Nation in the Polish Diaspora
Ruxandra Trandafoiu Tales of Strawberry Pickers: The Symbolic Geography of Romanian Migrant Workers and Diasporas

 Thursday 23 March 10:45 

S-6  -  EDU04: Childhood and work
Room S

    Network: Education and Childhood
Chair: Frank Simon
Discussant: Marjatta Rahikainen
Discussant: Kaisa Vehkalahti
Mats Sjöberg Child Labour Legislation in Sweden since 1949
Kristina Engwall Children’s paid work in Sweden during the second half of the 20th century
Ingrid Söderlind Parents' views on children's work in Sweden today

 Thursday 23 March 14:15 

S-7  -  MID01: Networking Medieval Friendship: methods, approaches, scope and perspective of an international and interdisciplinary research-project
Room S

    Network: Middle Ages
Organiser: Walter Ysebaert
Chair: Walter Ysebaert
Julian Haseldine Friendship and networks in the Latin West
Margaret M. Mullett Friendship and networks in Byzantium.
Jon V. Sigurdsson Friendship and networks in medieval Scandinavia.

 Friday 24 March 8:30 

S-9  -  EDU05: Migration and Displacement
Room S

    Network: Education and Childhood
Chair: Bengt Sandin
Sian Roberts "In the Margins of Chaos": children's experiences of refugee colonies in the Spanish Civil War
Jeffrey Mirel Confronting an "Invasion" of Immigrants: Americanization Education in the United State, 1890-1950
Annette Richardson Moving Beyond Beslan: Strategies and Preparedness Against Terrorist Acts

 Friday 24 March 10:45 

S-10  -  LAB17: Labour relations at the end of the 20th century
Room S

    Network: Labour
Chair: Patricia Thane
Discussant: Patricia Thane
Lars Hansson Against the neoliberal wind. The Swedish Paper Workers Unions defensive strategies from the 1990s .
Troy Sarina The Call for Reform: Explanations for the Introduction of Non-Union Collective Agreement Making
Carol Stephenson, Jean Spence Women, community and the British Miners' Strike 1984-5:

 Friday 24 March 14:15 

S-11  -  FAM31: International Families V: Labour Migration
Room S

    Network: Family and Demography
Organiser: Jose Moya
Chair: Elizabeth Bishop
Discussant: Donna Gabaccia
Jose Moya International Families and Labor: A Global and Historical Perspective
Raffaella Sarti Family Ties over Borders: Transnational Families of Slaves and Migrant Domestic Workers (Past and Present in Comparative Perspective)
Jennifer Miller At Home with the First Generation of Turkish Guest Workers in Germany
Marcelo Borges Migratory Strategies and Gender Relations among Portuguese Transnational Families 1850s-1920s

 Friday 24 March 16:30 

S-12  -  RUR08: From one generation to another: rural heritage systems
Room S

    Network: Rural
Organiser: Mats Morell
Chair: Jürgen Schlumbohm
Discussant: Jürgen Schlumbohm
Mats Morell Generational change and property transfer in sweden in the late 19th and early 20th century
Piotr Guzowski Inheritance system of Polish Peasants in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
Iréne A. Flygare, Mats Morell & Ildikó Asztalos & Ann Grubbström Transferring Landed Property - Gender, Power and Inheritance in Sweden 1880-2000
Sofia Holmlund Gender, Inheritance, and the Development of Property Rights in 19th Century Sweden
Antonio Presedo Garazo Inheritance of the House of Montaos in Galicia during the XVthh and XVIth centuries

 Saturday 25 March 8:30 

S-13  -  LAB26: Class, Community, Culture: Analysis and Construction of Historical Identities
Room S

    Network: Labour
Network: Asia
Chair: Janet Hunter
Discussant: Janet Hunter
Angelo Goode A Socially Contructed Working Class Culture: The Study of the Filipino Woodworking Industry
Marion Leffler What good are research circles?
Georg Stöger Unskilled factory work in Vienna before 1918. Reflections on juvenile socialisation
Monica Sharma Culture of the Neighbourhood and Formation of Community Identity among the Factory Workers in Colonial India

 Saturday 25 March 10:45 

S-14  -  CUL14: Memory and Forgetting after WW II
Room S

    Network: Culture
Chair: Benjamin Noys
Ulla-Maija Peltonen Testimony as a form of remembering
Slavica Srbinovska Function of memory in the process of identification
Daniel Levy, Natan Sznaider European Unification and the Memory of the Holocaust
Nikolai Vukov Commemorations of the Special Dead in the Everyday Life of Socialist Bulgaria

 Saturday 25 March 14:15 

S-15  -  WOM12: Gender in the Military
Room S

    Network: Women and Gender
Chair: Ulla Wikander
Discussant: Joy Damousi
Seija-Leena Nevala-Nurmi Families Defending the Nation - Gender and Generation in the Voluntary Defence Movement in Finland 1918-1944
Anders Ahlbäck Beyond middle-class manliness? Notions of masculinity in the Finnish conscript army 1919-1939
Fia Sundevall Backdoor in: women’s informal entry into the Swedish military. The Swedish Women’s Voluntary Defence Service. (approx. 1924 – 1950)
Anu Heiskanen When Intimate Becomes a National Affair - Reactions on Women's Sexuality during WW II

 Saturday 25 March 16:30 

S-16  -  LAB28: Transnational Unemployment Policies ca. 1890-1920
Room S

    Network: Labour
Network: Social Inequality
Organiser: Nils Edling
Chair: Julie Guard
Discussant: Ignazio Masulli
Nils Edling Importing Unemployment Insurance: Foreign Models and National Insurance Programmes in Scandinavia 1890–1914
Bernhard Adamek The origins of the public unemployment insurance in Berne from 1893